Charlie Billups  is a Puerto Rican born lifestyle photo journalist based out of Chicago, Illinois. His work has appeared on the pages of various print publications and websites, including WBEZ.org.

Charlie's approach to photography is that of being a personal photojournalist. He specializes in life events that require a photographer that captures emotions and life situations as they are. Charlie has performed weddings, family photography, family events, political events and comercial portraits. Charlie documents many of these events in his ever growing blog Charlie Billups Tumblr.

Charlie has been at the forefront of major event photography from a spiritual perspective photographing social issues that require distinct spiritual perspective.

Charlie's has been a photographer since 1975 trained by his stepfather one of Puerto Rico's top graphic designers and photographers. 

This website is dedicated to the following people that have inspired me to be my best; Lorena my wife, I do everything for us, Chip Mitchell who thought me how to be a reporter, Jonathan Miano who is my photographic mentor, Gokhan Cukurova who through the Chicago Photographic Society have inspired me to reach for my dreams, Pastor Daniel Hill who has allowed me to photograph community life at River City Community Church, Photographer Frank Martinez from Caracas, Venezuela who makes art despite the difficult circumstance of living in Venezuela you are and inspiration to me and Dr. James R. Diesfeld my sounding board and friend.

Charlie Billups - Capturing life as it is!

Charlie Billups with son James

Charlie Billups with son James